Water Flow Through Plants

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Water Flow Through Plants

Flowering plants have seperate transport systems: Xylem and Phloem.

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Phloem Tubes

  • Phloem tubes transport food
  • Made of coloums of living cells with small holes in the ends to allow food to flow thorugh.
  • They transport food substance to the rest of the plant. (mainly dissolved sugars thats made in the leaves and transported to growing regions.)
  • The transport goes in both directions.
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Xylem Tubes

  • Xylem tubes take water up.
  • They are nade of dead cells joined end to end with no end walls between them and a holed down the middle.
  • They carry water and mineral ions from the roots to the stem and leaves in the transpiration system. 
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Water Flow Through Plants


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Transpiration System

  • Transpiration is the movement of water from the roots through the xylem and out of the leaves.
  • Transpiration is the loss of water from the plant
  • Transpiration is caused by the evaporation and diffusion of water from inside the leaves
  • This created a slights shortage of water in the leaf....
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