Biology Paper 1: Everything on Plants

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  • Plants
    • Organisation
      • Plant Tissues
        • Epidermal
        • Palisade Mesophyll
        • Spongy Mesophyll
        • Xylem and Phloem
        • Meristem
      • The epidermal tissues are covered with a WAXY CUTICLE
      • UPPER EPIDERMIS is transparent so light can pass through it to the palisade layer
      • X and P form a network of VASCULAR BUNDLES which deliver water/ nutrients to entire leaf
        • Can also SUPPORT the STRUCTURE
    • Transpiration
      • Rate
        • Temperature
          • Warmer = faster transpiration happens
            • Particle have more energy to evaporate and diffuse out of the stomata
        • Light Intensity
          • Brighter = greater transpiration rate
            • Stomata begin to close as it gets darker - photosynthesis doesn't happen in the dark
        • Humidity
        • Air Flow
          • Better air flow around a leaf = greater transpiration rate
            • Poor = water vapour just surrounds the leaf and doesn't move away
              • High concentration of water particles outside the leaf as well as inside
                • Diffusion doesn't happen as quickly
      • Transpiration is the loss of water from the plant
      • Caused by the evaporation and diffusion of water from a plant's surface
      • Evaporation = slight shortage of water in the leaf
        • So more water drawn up through XYLEM vessels to replace it
          • Constant transpiration stream of water through the plant
        • Becaue there's more water inside the plant than the air outside, water escapes from the leaves through the stomata by DIFFUSION
    • Translocation
      • PHLOEM TUBES transport FOOD
      • Transport food substances made in the LEAVES to rest of the PLANT
    • Plant Defences
      • Physical
      • Chemical
      • Mechanical
    • Plant Diseases
      • Rose Black Spot
        • RBS is a fungus that causes PURPLE or BLACK spots to develop on the leaves of rose plant
          • Means less photosynthesis can happen so growth is stunted
          • Leaves can turn yellow and drop off
      • Untitled
      • Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV)
        • Virus that affects many species of plant, including tomatoes
        • Causes a mosaic pattern on leaves - parts of the leaves become discoloured
          • Plant can't photosynthesise as well, so growth is affected
    • 5 USES of GLUCOSE
      • Respiration
      • Making Cellulose
      • Making Amino Acids
      • Stored as oils/ fats
      • Stored as Starch
    • Adaptations


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