Water Flow Through Plants

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  • Water Flow Through Plants
    • Phloem Tubes Transport Food
      • Transport food substances (mainly dissolved sugars) made in the leaves to growing regions and storage organs of the plant.
      • Made in columns of living cells with small holes in the ends to allow stuff to flow through.
      • The transport goes in both directions.
    • Xylem Tubes Take Water UP
      • Made of dead cells joined end to end with no end walls between them and a hole down the middle.
      • They carry water and minerals from the roots to the stem and leaves in the transpiration stream.
    • Transpiration
      • Transpiration is caused by the evaporation and diffusion of water from inside the leaves.
        • This creates a shortage of water in the leaf, and so more water is drawn up from the rest of the plant through the xylem vessels to replace it.
          • This in turn means more water is brought up through the roots, creating a constant transpiration stream of water through the plant
      • Transpiration is just a side-effect of the way leaves are adapted for photosynthesis.
        • Leaves have to have stomata in them so that gases can be exchanged easily.
          • Because there's more water inside the plant than in the air outside, the water escapes from the leaves through the stomata.


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