war communism - Russia

what the economy was like with the immediate bolshevik take over

what war comunism was

good points and bad points

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bolshevik takeover

lenin wanted to replace the capatalist economic system with communism.

  • 2nd december - lenin creates the supreme council of national economy to control russia's economy
  • 14th december - army took over all the banks putting them in communist control
  • 21st january - lenin declares foreign debts incurred by the tsar - won't pay them.
  • during december workers took control of factories setting own hours - production fell

the economy was working on a barter system with black markets being established for products not available this lasted till the break out of the civil war

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war communism

war communism established :

  • supreme economic council
  • decree on nationalisation ( meant goverment could nationalise any buisness, from 1920 37,000 buisnesses where nationalised )
  • private trade banned
  • grain surpluses seized
  • decline in money ( even completely gone for a while) people given rations
  • terror used to force slave labour

the goverment found it difficult to completly wipe out the free market - black market flourished.commisariat of supplies gave ration based on workers out put.

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good points

war communism allowed the communists to win the civil war with the whites


  • great loss of life
  • 1917 - 1920 over half urban population dissapeared
  • majour famine in 1921 (partly from war,partly from war communism partly because peasents stopped producing as much grain for it to be taken) between 1 and 2 million died
  • people died through the war
  • lead to peasent uprisings - tambou province
  • production levels still low

at the tenth party congress lenin reappraised war communism and ending it for it to be replaced with the NEP

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