Russia in 1855

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Russia in 1855

  • Tsar Nicholas II was the Tsar of Russia (an autocratic ruler that has total control over Russia and the Russian Empire).
  • Serfdom was a system in Russia similar to the feudal system in medieval Britain. Serfs were owned, either privately owned or owned by the state. Serfs used as opposed to mechanical machines.
  • Russia was mainly rural and this meant that news did not travel quickly and serfs only communed in small groups called mirs. Also, a fraction of Russia was inhospitable, such as Siberia which was hit by an asteroid that leveled 100 miles of forest and nobody heard the impact.
  • There had already been attempts on the Tsar's life, most notably by a group called the Decemberists in 1825. This group was formed after the Nepoleonic Wars and their activities led to an uprising in December 1825.
  • The Crimean War was being fought between Russia and opposing countries such as Britain, France and the Ottoman Empire. During this war Nicholas I died, his dying words, spoken to his son and successor Alexander II, told of how he had not left Russia in the condition he hoped it would have been for his son.
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