War Communism 1918-21

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  • War Communism 1918-21
    • Aims of War communism
      • To keep Lenin in power
      • To win the civil war
      • To ensure the survival of the Bolshevik regime
      • To defeat the Whites
      • To feed the Red Army
      • To replace State Capitalism
      • To control the means of Production
    • Success of War Communism
      • Contributed to Bolshevik victory
      • Red Army better supplied than Whites
      • Helped keep Lenin and Trotsky in power
      • Helped to defeat the whites and their foreign allies
      • Allowed Bolsheviks to extend their control over various aspects of life
    • Failures of War Communism
      • Led to famine and many deaths
      • Repressed Peasants
      • Failed to halt the decline of agricultural and industrial production
      • Increased Bolshevik opposition and led to uprisings
      • Brought Russia to the brink of economic collapse
      • Created resentment


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