Votes for Women!

Anything and everything you need to revise for votes for women for the 2012 history exam.

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What was it like for women in Britain before the W

New employment opportunities were opening up for middle-class women, who had some education.

  • Domestic servants in 1900's-> 1,740,800
  • Teachers->124,000
  • Nurses-> 68,000
  • Doctors->212

In marriages, women were in a very inferior position to their husbands.  they were treated with violence, they couldn't start their own divorce proceedings and they were their husbands property.  BY the 1900 women...

  • keep their property
  • get a divorce against their husband
  • leave the marital home voluntary.
  • HOWEVER-> Wife-battering and marital sexual assault was legal.
  • If divorce occurred a mother would lose her children.
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By the 1900's...

By the 1900...

  • It was easier for women to enter professions, especially teaching.
  • When telephones and typewriters were invented, it brought women new job opportunities.
  • 1 million women were eligible to vote at council and parish elections.


  • Politically, women's rights were still very limited.
  • Socially, women were starting to leave their homes and play a bigger part in society.

By the 1890s "Votes for Women" was becoming an important issue, and arguments were being advanced for and against the idea.

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Arguements FOR Votes for Women.

  • Women would be paid more, less crime/prostitution.
  • Parliaments decisions affect both sexes.
  • Women could make a valuable contribution.  they are the creators of future soldiers and good citizens.
  • Why shouldn't educated women get the vote, uneducated men can vote?
  • Women can vote in local elections, why not vote in the bigger elections?
  • Rich women pay taxes so they should be able to vote.
  • Women are the spiritual spine of the nation and women can vote in other nations.
  • Many single women have the same responsibilities as men.
  • Women need to be represented as they are specialists in the home.
  • Not a real democracy until women vote.
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Arguements AGAINST Votes for Women

  • Women have no idea about politics or business.  The men vote on women's behalf.
  • Only higher class women would be able to vote and make no difference to ordinary women.
  • Not all men can vote yet, so why give women the vote?
  • Giving women the vote means duties will not be completed.
  • The issue of voting is causing too many problems.
  • It is too risky to change a system that already works.
  • God intended Eve to obey Adam.
  • Women are hysterical, they have small brains.
  • Their menstrual cycles make women incapable of voting.
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