Vines and Their facts 



When Pruning do the following: 

  • Remove any dead wool.
  • Remove any weaner's and shoots that are growing below the bottom wire. 
  • Make sure at least three buds remain on each shoot. 
  • Decide which shoot is the best as there may be more than one in the same spot. There must be enough space for them to grow and they also have to be evenly spaced along the vine. 

Why we prune:

  • To establish and maintain the vines form.
  • to produce fruit of a desired quality. 
  • To select nodes that are fruitful. 
  • To regulate the number of shoots/clusters
  • To regulate the vegetive growth of vines. 
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How to carry out propagation:

  • You must select the most suitable stems and ensure that you have three buds remaining on each stem. 
  • Once you have selected the stems you must place them into the pot and leave at least two buds above the soil. Then place a plastic bag over the top to insulate heat. 
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