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Body Wrinkle: The degree and quantity of wrinkle on the body. 

Face Cover : The degree of wool cover on the face including the top of the head and jaw. 

Shoulder/ back: refers to the soundness of the shoulder blades and their positioning in relation to the neck and spine. 

Legs/feet : Refers to the overall soundness of the front and back legs and feet structure. 

Non - Fibres Pigmentation: The percentage of the pigmentation on the areas on the sheep that are not shorn. Such as the bare skin of the nose, lips, eyelids and hooves. The pigmentation is usually brown, tan or grey in pigmentation. 

Recessive black : The presence of pigmented wool or hair fibres anywhere on the face or body. This is called by the  Agouti gene. 

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Random Spot ; The presence of a patch of pigmented fibres anywhere on the face or body. Usually black in colour. 

Wool Colour: The degree of whiteness of the wool. 

Wool  Character: The definition of crimp and variation of crimp frequency between fibres and along the staple.

Dust pigmentation: The degree of deterioration of the staple due to dust. 

Staple Weathering: The degree of deterioration caused by the penetration of light and water. 

Staple Structure: The cluster arrangement of the fibres bundle comprising each staple, especially the size and diameter of each staple. 

Jaw: Refers to the soundness of the jaw structure in particular the alignment of the lower jaw and teeth in comparison to the top jaw. 

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