Unification of Italy

- Seeds of a successful revolution

- Rulers

- Revolutions 1820-1830

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Successful revolutions





What do you need for a revolution to be successful?

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A successful revolution

- Popular support

- Common cause : Shared disatisfaction of current state

- A clear cause/ aim

- A leader : Dedicated to cause, authoritive, strong

- Communication

- Outside support

- Momentum

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Naples (1820-21)





Naples - Why where there successes and failures?

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- Anger from the working class

- Excessive control by the church eg. books and newspapers

- Restrictions on personal freedom

SUCCESS                                                  FAILURES                                

- Mass support                                          - Crushed by Austrian army

- Clear cause for unity                               - Old order soon restored

- Significant leader                                    - Lack of support from revolutionaries

- Had momentum

- Limited King's power


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Papal States





Papal States revolution

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Papal States


- Oppressive rule of the church eg. education and press

- Upset of professional classes


- Provisional government set up

- Little resistance put up


- Metternich's violent and undisciplined troops moved in

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Piedmont revolution

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-Reactionary rule

- Charles Albert fled from Turin

- Revolutionaries into exile

SUCCESS                                                             FAILURES

- Carbonari extended in numbers                       - Liberals turn to C A (not legit)

- Revolutionary gov. extablished                        - Appealed to Metternich

- Declared war on Austria                                   - Defeated libs 1821 B of Nevara

- VE I encouraged to abdicate

- Appointed new government

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Modena and Parma





Modena and Parma revolutions

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Modena and Parma


- Educated students planned a revolt

- Francis betrayed D F IV


- Revolutionaires take over Modena

- Provis. government set up

- Students encouraged to demand a const.


- Anyone against revolt imprisoned          - Parma occupied by Austrain troops

- Lack of organisation among revs.          - A army defeat revs. (Francis order)

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Perfect for an overview of revolutions and reminding myself of basic facts. Thanks :D x

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