UK Storms

Geography revision cards, aqa A2 level on Storms and the UK.

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Great Storm of 1703

  • 26th-27th of November 1703.
  • CAUSES:  Believed to be caused by an Atlantic depression but little direct information on the causes are known due to lack of science at the time.
  • DAMAGE: In today's money the damage would have been approx £10bn, an est. 8,000-15,000 people died, 400 windmills were destroyed, 800 homes destroyed, effected Southern UK the most.
  • RESPONSES: People generally had to help themselves after the storm damage. No official responses or emergency services. Queen issued a national day of fast on 19/10/1704 to help stop God sending another, even greater storm.


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Great Storm of 1987

CAUSES: A front from the Bay of Biscay came up across the UK overnight. 

DAMAGE: Wind speeds of between 100-110 mph uprooted approx 15 million trees, caused 22 deaths (UK & France), Pressure of 959mb mostly effected Southern UK.

RESPONSES: Insurance payouts totalled £2 billion, emergency services helped rescue from flooded buildings, clear blocked transport routes and took people to hospital. MET office wrongly predicted the storm however this has led to one of the most powerful super computers in the world located analysing global weather data and making predictions in the MET office, Exeter.


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2005 Carlisle Floods

  • CAUSES: Heavy rainfall and urbanisation in the town of Carlisle where 3 rivers meet.
  • DAMAGE: Property flooded, businesses shut for days/ever, trees uprooted, loss of electricity/ communications, emergency services struggled to reach people, insurance price hike, death, injury, both local and national economy effected, schools closed, NHS effected, confuses venerable people, disease spread by flood water
  • RESPONSES: Insurance pay-outs, government sent out a special flood response, emergency services helped rescue people/ reduce damage, MET office sent out warnings so damage was reduced.


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  • April 2012
  • DAMAGE: Trees fell and damaged property, local hair salon roof tiles blown off, LMS football cup final was called off, forget-me-not walk for leukaemia had to be postponed, Jubilee Bandstand was removed from park due to damage, windmill at local museum damaged.
  • RESPONSES: Local fire brigade removed fallen trees, people were removed from home minutes before a tree fell on it. Insurance paid out on damage to property. 


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