National flooding: UK storms winter 2013/14

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Earth hazards revision
National flooding: UK storms- winter 2013/14
Large storms affecting most of UK throughout winter 2013/14, with several
intense storms including heavy rain, strong winds, storm surges
Huge low pressure depressions from Atlantic causing intense rain, stormy
Spring tides intensified damage on coats, some tides reached 8.2m in height
Storm surge caused by low pressure system over North sea which funnelled
waves and high tides down coast.
Coastal flooding/damage- several fatalities occurred and huge levels of
damage to property/transport- at Dawlish, railway destroyed meaning main
route out of Cornwall was cut off
Norfolk coast at Hemsby, several homes fell into sea overnight at storm
surge caused lots of sudden erosion of vulnerable sand dunes which had few
man made defences
Highest tide for 17 years
80mph+ gales
Mainly harbour villages affected- 6 boats sank in Porthleven, Cornwall as
waves broke through the 2 tonne wooden boards that formed a barrier that
protected the inner harbour.
30,000 left without power
Hundreds of trees down, blocking roads and destroying power lines
Structural damage to many coastal buildings
Flood warnings issued by environment agency: over 30 severe flood
warnings issued in early January and over 230 flood warnings.
Operation Cobra was activated, which is a system that deals with disasters
in the UK and is very rarely activated. Dealt with planning, prevention and
improving flood warnings and defences.
Thames barrier closed 10 times in January 2014, usually it is closed 10
times during one year.


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