north sea storm surge

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  • The North Sea Storm Surge
    • causes
      • intense low-pressure (976mb deepening to 968mb)
      • sea shape and coastline open to the N. Atlantic ocean and tapers towards the south - in a dangerous funnel shape
        • allows strong northerly winds to push storm surges towards cities like Amsterdam and London
      • sea depth
        • N. sea gets shallower and narrower towards the south, which has the effect of increasing the height of tides and storm surges
      • strong northerly winds
        • pushed storm further south increasing the height of the surge and tide
    • general
      • low-pressure weather system across Atlantic
      • most significant winds - 5th - 6th dec.
    • impacts - UK
      • coastal flooding and evacuation along E. England/N. Wales
      • insurers calculated cost to be at £100 million
      • 2 people died
      • bridges were shut and rail services in eastern countries were disrupted
    • Impacts - Netherlands
      • no deaths
      • Eastern Scheldt storm-surge barriers closed
    • increasing risk
      • climate change
        • warmer ocean-surface temperatures and higher sea levels make hurricanes (cyclones) more intense
          • ave. no. of storms in N.Atlantic has increased to 6-8 per yr
        • warmer oceans leads to more intense hurricanes rather than storms
      • rising sea levels
        • low-lying areas affected more
        • greater number of storm surges
    • preparing for the future
      • mitigation
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