types of tourism

different types of tourism

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mass tourism

  • large  numbers of visitors
  • highly organised network of tour operators, travel agents, hotel chains, airlines
  • large concentrations of tourists in popular destinations
  • based around natural resources (beaches/climate)
  • can cause conflict between environmental and socio-economic uses
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eco tourism

  • small scale based on specfic interests (wildlife/ walking etc.) involves locals, prefernce to remote places such as trekking in foothills of the himalayas
  • environmental, social, economic impact less than mass tourism- aims to be sustainable
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other types of tourism

  • theme parks/ holiday village enclaves- create artifical destinations, catering to tourists' every need, so they don't need to visit local areas
  • crusing- growing faster than any other type of holiday
  • heritage/urban tourism- visiting key historical sites usually in urban areas
  • conflict/dark tourism- associated with tragedy/disaster such as ww1 battle field sites
  • religious tourism- pilgramages to holy places associated with religions
  • sport tourism- based on following national sports teams around the world such as the football world cup
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