Changes in patterns of tourism

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  • Changes in patterns of tourism
    • Patterns in global tourism
      • Tourism becoming more globally spread
      • Tourism is generally increasing
      • Falling total share for top 10
      • NW Europe- Larger reciepts
      • New and more types
      • Increasing long haul numbers
      • Domestic tourism
    • New types of tourism
      • Theme parks and holiday village enclaves
      • Gambling destinations
      • Cruising (fastest growing)
      • Heritage and urban tourism
      • Wilderness and ecotourism
    • Economic factors affecting tourism
      • Rising real incomes
      • Increase in the number of days of paid leave
      • Widening range of locations within middle income range
      • Expansion of budget airlines
      • Decreasing real cost of holidays
      • Air miles and other reward schenes
      • Shorter holidays for cash rich, time poor people
      • Globalisation has increased business travel
      • Economic recessions can reduce tourism levels
    • Political factors affecting tourism
      • Perceived likelihood of violence
      • Government restrictions
      • Calls by NGO to boycott certain countries e.g Myanmar
      • Government investments
      • Government backing for international events
    • Social factors affecting tourism
      • Increase in desire to experience new cultures and landscapes
      • Rising real incomes
      • People may avoid destinations because of ethical reasons
      • Raised expectations of tourism because of media and advertising
      • High levels of international migration
    • Factors influencing choice of destinations
      • Climate
      • Attractions
      • Accomodation
      • Facilities
      • Ease of access
      • Reputation
      • Language and culture


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