Types of Pressure Groups


Sectional Group

  • Represent sections of society
  • Motivated by self-interest
  • Likely to be involved in legislation drafting when it affects members of the group
  • E.g. British Medical Association (BMA - for doctors), Bar Council (for barristers), Law Society (for lawyers)
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Cause Group

  • Promote attitudes and values towards concerns
  • Motivated by moral concerns
  • E.g. Snowdrop campaign, Greenpeace, WWF, RSPB, Jamie Oliver
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Insider Group

  • Direct contact with government ministers, MPs, officials
  • Likely to be involved in bill drafting
  • E.g. NFU, BMA
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Outsider Group

  • Don't have acces to decision makers
  • May resort to undesirable or illegal actions to try and promote their cause
  • E.g. Animal Aid, Fathers 4 Justice
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