Pressure Groups

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These are groups of individuals who may influence
Parliament to legislate on an issue.
They may employ a variety of methods to support their campaign including:
Lobbying Ministers and MPs
Publicity Campaigs
There are two main types of pressure groups, they are...
They exist to further the interests of a section of society
National Farmers Union ­ This exists to promote the interests of farmers
British Medical Association ­ Promotes the interests of the medical
The Law Society ­ Promotes the interests of solicitors
The degree of influence possessed by sectional groups varies according to whether the
Government supports their particular interest.
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They promote a particular ideal or belief
Green Peace and Friends of the World ­ Both of which believe in the
preservation of the environment
RSPCA ­ Which believes in the elimination of unnecessary animal suffering
Fathers 4 Justice ­ Which believes in fathers having the right to access
their children
The influence wielded by these cause groups are usually less than that wielded by sectional
groups.…read more


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