Types of Plate Margins

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Destrctive Plate Margins

  • Oceanic crust is Denser than the continental crust.
  • The Oceanic crust therefpre sinks below the continental.
  • This is know as SUBDUCTION.
  • as the plate decends under the continental crust it starts starts to melt due to friction of the moveming plate boundaries, this causes earthquakes.
  • Magma rises throught the gaps in the continetal plate, if it seeps through it causes a volcano.



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  • Two plates move apart.
  • Magma rises up to fill the gap , which forms a volcano.
  • However the volcano doesnt errupt with much force because the magma can escape easily at the surface.
  • Earthquakes also occur at a constructive boudary.  


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Collision Boundary

  • When 2 plates are of a similar density and move together
  • The material between them buckles and rises up forming fold mountains
  • Eg. The Himalayas The Africian Plate collding into the Eurasian plate


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Conservative Boundary

  • Two plates slide past each other at a fault.
  • NO Volcanos are found along these boundarys but earthquakes do occur.
  • The stress builds up and when it reaches a critical value it slips and causes an earthquake.
  • An Example is the San Andreas Fault in California.


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