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    • Core, ball of solid and liquid iron and nickel
    • Mantle, semi-molten rock that moves slowly
    • Crust, outerlayer
      • Continental crust, (30-50km),thick, less dense
      • Oceanic crust,(5-10 km),thinner, more dense
    • Plates move because of convection currents in the mantle
    • The place where plates meet are called plate margins or plate boundries
    • Types of plate margins
      • Destructive plate margins, where two plates are moving towards eachother
        • Oceanic plate meets a continental plate, denser plate is forced down and destroyed. this creates volcanoes and ocean trenches
        • Where two continental plates meet, the plates collide, and the ground is folded and forced upwards to create mountain ranges
      • Constructive Margins, where two plates are moving away from eachother
        • Magma rises from the mantle to fill the gap and cools, creating new crust
      • Conservative Margins, where two plates are moving sideways past each other, or in the same direction but different speeds
        • Crust isn't created or destroyed.


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