types of cold enviroments

outline of the three types of cold enviroments

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  • snow/ice cover all year round
  • usually dry- 100mm per year
  • temperature ranges from  -70 degrees to -20 degrees
  • katabatic winds blow out from central Antartica towards the coast, chilling the land below.
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  • significant snow/ice cover but not all year round (seasonal variation)
  • located in areas of high altitude/latitude
  • large temperature ranges- -50 degrees to 20 degrees
  • low precipitation as cool air cannot hold much moisture.
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mountain areas

  • cool -1 degree for every 100m travelled upwards
  • lots of rain due to orographic rainfall
  • least amount of snow cover only in winter (seasonal variation)
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climatic features of cold enviroments

  • low precipitation as cool air holds little moisture
  • heavy winter snowfall
  • cold winters but mild summers
  • little cloud due to relatively dry air
  • strong winds- katabatic winds
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