Types of cold environments

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  • Types of cold environments
    • Polar
      • The most extreme cold environment
      • Includes  Antarctica,Greenland and some islands inside the Arctic and Antarctic circle
      • Very dry with relatively low amount of precipitation
    • Alpine
      • Mountain areas experience very cold winters with heavy snow
      • The temperature can drop to -10° or less due to the high altitude
      • The extreme winter cold is replaced in the summer with warmer weather
      • Transforms V-shaped valleys into U-shaped valleys
    • Glacial
      • Environments specifically associated with glaciers
      • The heavy winter snowfall provides the ice to feed the glaciers
      • In summer the meltwater lubricates the glaciers - helping them move down the alpine valleys
    • Periglacial
      • Found on the fringes of polar or glacial environments e.g. in parts of Canada
      • Experience permanently frozen ground (permafrost)
      • During warmer weather, the ground surface thaws, enabling plants to grow
      • Periglacial environments are not permanently covered by ice


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