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True Blood

-American Televison Drama Serial
-Created by Alan Ball
-Started 7th September 2008
-Drama/Fantasy Genre
-Has won several awards such as Emmys and Golden Globes
-Produced by HBO
-Set to release its 4th series

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The Street

- British social realist Series
-Created by Jimmy McGovern
-Started 13th April 2006
-Social realist genre
-Set in Manchester
-Has won awards such as British Academy Televison Award
-Produced 3 series, then finished due to cutbacks by the BBC

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X Factor

-Reality talent show - A serial with elements of a series
-Started September 2004
-Created by Simon Cowell and Syco TV
-Up to it's 7th Series
-Over 11 million people in the UK watched the latest final

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