TV: Catfish - Genre

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  • TV: Catfish - Genre
    • Themes
      • Quest to find love and the truth
      • True Love
    • Documentary Iconography
      • Hand-held camera
      • Text on screen - email and facebook status's
      • Facebook pictures
      • Direct mode of address
      • Road trip to find 'Jamison'
      • Text on screen - 'one year later'
      • Text on screen stating facts about Chelsea and Sonny
    • Typical Situations
      • Skype call over a year later to catch up with both Sonny and Chelsea/Jamison
      • Phone conversations - on speaker can hear whats being said
      • Home setting - general conversation
      • Argument between 'Sonny' and Chelsea
      • Camera only filming and showing the important parts
    • Style
      • Suspicious feeling that Jamison isn't who he says he is
      • Emotions from 'Sonny' - her life and feelings
      • Sonny is defensive about 'Jamison' and who he is
    • Setting
      • Locations shown in speech bubbles
      • Car - road trip
      • Hotel room - discovering information about 'Jamison'
      • Filming in familar locations to 'Sonny' - such as clothes shop
      • Home setting - 'Sonny's living room and her house


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