Turning to Crime - Upbringing - Evaluation (2)

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Turning to Crime - Upbringing - Evaluation (2)


F - both genetic and environmental (if crime runs in family could be genetic as well as a role model).

S - states people turn to crime due to their peers (Nature)

W&T - Focuses on youth's behavioural contexts (lifestyle-routines) and their individual characteristics, and especially interaction between the two.


F - Longitudinal study - allows development of crim behaviour over a long period of time to be observed.

Qual and Quan data collected ... richness of data to allow comparisons between participants.

S - Just a theory - useful explanation of crime inition not continuation - theory criticised for vaguness and poorly operationalised

W&T - Cross-sectional - gives snapshot of individual's life rather than studying development of behviour over time also no cause and effect e.g. can't say being sit ltd caused them to  turn to crime

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