Turkey's GAP

Turkey's GAP

  • Summer droughts in southeast Turkey area of Anatolia and the want to develop the area economically meant that the government invested in the $32 billion project
  • Turkey want to become the breadbasket of the Middle East
  • It has become a geopolitical or hydropolitical issue as it has upset neighbouring countries, Syria and Israel 
  • The new dams will restrcit river flow while their huge reservoirs are filling up is supposed to return when they are full
  • Construct 22 dams, 19 hydroelectric power plants and two water tranfer tunnels to provide 22% of Turkeys power
  • Provide irrigation for 1.7 million hectares
  • it will help the Anatolian economy to grow by 400% and help Turkeys economy by 12% 
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A Geopolitical Time Bomb?

  • The ancient town will be flooded, 34,000 Kurds will be moved and a highier risk of malaria and other water-bourne dieases it can also become a major waste dump due to effluence
  • The British government and Swedish companies withdraw from funding as well as World Bank condeming the project due to the ethical and environemental issues
  • It is meant to be "green", however, research shows that rotting vegetation covered by the waters of the dam's huge reservoir will release large amounts of carbon dioxide and methane
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