KQ 1 WHta is development and what is the development gap?

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  • KQ 1 - What is the development and what is the development gap?
    • Development is difficult to define as it has a wide range of meanings
      • Variety of different ways by different people and organisations
        • Improvements to wealth e.g. health, wealth and education
        • Conservation and sustainable use of environement and economy
        • Quality of Life and well-being
        • World Bank: 'development is increased and distribution of wealth
        • Socialists - 'freedom from want'
        • Exam Board: - 'progressive improvements in standards of living for an increasing proportion of the population
        • Economic growth lead to......
          • Doesn't mean country is developing, so you have an economy and wealth without development
            • Links to the the Development Cable
              • Cultural
              • Demographic
              • Social
              • Political
              • Environmental
    • 'The Development Gap is the increasing inequality in levels of development between countries and geographic regions'
      • Richest 20% of countries in the world consume 80% of available resources
      • Disparities within countries
        • LEDCs = worst income
    • Classification of Countries
      • BRANDT REPORT (1980)
        • Social & economic
        • Willy Brandt - 'former West German Chancellor'
        • North = Rich
        • South = Poor
        • Links to Neo-colonilism
      • Traditional Classiffication
        • 1st, 2nd and 3rd World
          • Outdated from the Cold War & WWII
          • 1st World = Demographic and Industrialised
          • 2nd World = Communist-social
          • 3rd World = Not Aligned to anything (just the rest of them)
        • Development Pathways
          • LEDCs no longer whole group
      • Other Classification
        • BRIC's (2001)
          • Brazil, Russia, India & China
            • Emerging markets, demographic and economic have the most influence
            • 2.8 billion people live within BRIC's
            • Combined GDP of US$16.039
        • MINT's
          • Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria & Turkey
            • Will be the new BRIC's - take over the BRIC's
            • More economically active
    • Changing over time......
      • 70's --Previous focus = economic (GDP/ Brandt)
      • Social and human (HDI)
        • Equal Opportunities, basic needs, eliminates of poverty
      • 80's Awareness sustainable and environment problems
      • Brandt (1987) 'Development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations in respect of the poor'
        • HPI - Happy Planet Index
    • Spatically within countries
      • Within Cities.....
      • Urban V Rural
        • Urban area's in LEDC's have better service and more opportunities and between sectors of the population
      • Women
        • Less likely to get a paid job and have a lower earnings and have limited participation in parlimentary positions and less liekly to be educated and literate


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