Tsarist Religious policies

Tsarist Religious policies

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Alexander III and the Church

  • Russification closely tied with Alex's adherence to Church principles
  • Within tradition he had a duty to 'uphold' and 'protect' the orthodox church as the people's father, ordained by god, a saint on earth.
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Church and the authorities

  • Priest were expected to read out imperial manifestos and decree and provide statistics of those considered suspicious.
  • Even statements given in holy confessions were expected to be passed to the secular authorities.
  • The church had complete control over moral and social crimes
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Church and Education

  • Under Delyanov, church was given complete control of primary schools.
  • Emphasis placed on religious indoctrination to reinforce humility and obedience among the peasantry. "We should feel complete loyalty towards the Tsar and be prepared to lay down out lives for him.
  • All religious books had been passed strict censorship controls.
  • Divorce could only be obtained by proving adultery
  • Cases of incest, blasphemy and ********** were also in the hands of the church
  • Church had a free hand to award punishments for such crimes
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Approach to other faiths

  • Alexander's policy of Russification enabled him to promote orthodoxy throughout the empire
  • It became on offensive to convert/publish criticisms
  • Members of the Armenian, Uniate and old believer's churches were persecuted.
  • Within Siberia and central Asia there were enforced baptisms of pagans, Muslims and Catholics followed by humiliating rituals.
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