transactional data

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definition of a transaction

a transaction occurs everytime you buy or sell something

tranactional data is the information collected with regards to the sale or purchase

the transactional data is stored in databases, which can then be searched and sorted

personalised information is often stored in cookies (small files of text) that is created on your computer when you visit a website.

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commercial value of transactional data

transactional data is extremely valuable to the organisations that you buy from because 

- it allows the organisation to keep a record of purchases

- delivery process can be tracked

- it contains a rich source of information with regards to customer habits and preferences

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transactional data-collection

types of transactional data that is collected:

-purchase price

- date and time of the purchase

- personal information from your online account

- delivery tracking data that displays delivery status and location

- details of the items purchased

- unique reference code given to each transaction

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transactional data-usage

what is transactional data used for?

- to understand customers' buying habits- gives an indication of trends in the sales etc

- to produce a personalised experience (when the site shows other goods you might be interested in)

- for targeted advertising campaigns which allows personalised adverts to be produced

- creation of personalised marketing such as coupons for products that customers are likely to purchase

- tracking delivery of the goods

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