Transactional Data

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  • Transactional Data
    • What is a Transaction
      • Occurs every time you buy or sell something
      • The information collected about that sale or purchase
      • Stored in databases which can then be searched and sorted
      • Personalised information is often stored in cookies (small text files) created on the computer when you visit a website
    • Commercial value of transactional data
      • Extremely valuable to the organisations you buy from
      • It allows the organisation to keep a record of your purchases
      • Allows delivery to be tracked
      • Contains a rich source of information about customer shopping habits and preferences
    • What is transactional data used for
      • To understand customer's buying habits and to see trends in sales
      • To produce a more personalised experience by showing other goods that you might be interested in
      • For targeted advertising campaigns and to produce personalised adverts
      • To create personalised marketing such as coupons for products that customers are likely to purchase
      • To track delivery of the goodws


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