Traditional Conservatism

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Traditional conservatives believe that order in society is a strong human need. Without good order, progress cannot be achieved. 


  • Strong authoritarian policies on law and order
  • Taking a hard line against organised protest in society
  • A general belief in strong government
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Organic society

Society is like a living organism and should be allowed to develop naturally, without artificial intervention. All sections of society depend upon each other and are part of a single whole. We are not merely free individuals. 


  • Parties and governments should not seek to impose their own beliefs upon society.
  • Policies should be aimed at maintaining a strong, united society.
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Fear of diversity

The belief in an organic society leads to a fear of too much social and cultural diversity, which might threaten social unity.


  • Opposition to multiculturalism
  • Resistance to large amounts of immigration
  • Intolerance towards 'unconventional' lifestyles 
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Support for tradition

Conservatives believe that traditions are important in maintaining unity, and continuing with the past. They provide a means by which a society can unite around common institutions and values. 


  • Opposition to reforms that threaten traditional institutions, such as electoral reform, reform of the House of Lords, a changed role for the monarchy or movement towards a codified constitution.
  • Strong support for traditional values, largely surrounding the traditional family and morality. As far as possible the state should support these values through its policies.
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Support for private property and accumulated wealt

Ownership of property and wealth is important. They are an expression of a family's individualism and aspirations. Those who enjoy property and wealth have a greater sense of responsibility and a responsibility to help those less fortunate. 


  • Taxes on property and wealth should be held down and possibly eliminated.
  • The rights of property owners should be protected, notably through strong policies on law and order and privacy laws.
  • Conservatives have supported the idea that the wealthy should support the less privileged, but largely through the voluntary sector rather than high taxation. 
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Each problem in government should be dealt with on its own merits and not according to any fixed doctrines or ideology. Thus conservatives have opposed socialism and liberalism as such fixed doctrines. 


  • Policies to be judged on their own merits. Those which seem to favour the public good should be retained and those which do not, rejected, no matter whether they are left or right wing ideas.
  • In foreign policy the UK's national interest should always be pursued. 
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