[Edexcel] Unit 1 Government & Politics: Political Ideologies - Conservatism

All about the Conservatism political Ideology


  • What is Traditional Conservatism
  • Modern Conservatism
  • Traditional vs Modern
  • Thatcherism
  • One-Nation Conservatism
  • Cameronism
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Conservatism Jason Tran

Traditional Conservatism
Developed as a reaction against the excesses of the French Revolution (reign of Terror)
Blamed bloodbath on the Enlightenment idea Human beings could consciously create a political

Conservatives favour strong governments

Modern Conservatism
Founder = Edmund Burke ­ Brit MP in late 18th century…

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Conservatism #2 23/2/12 S4

During 1950s and 60s: economy doing well ­ parties agree on policies (wanted to all achieve economic
stability): Period of Consensus Politics

1979 is when there was a breakdown in consensus politics, otherwise known as Adversary Politics ­
the big ideological divide started with Thatcherism…

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Conservatism #3 23/2/12 S4

Describes himself as a `modern compassionate conservative'
Strong on crime
Favours Fox Hunting
Limit on immigration
Introduction of British Border Control Police
Scrap HRA (1998) replaced with British Bill of Rights
Cut taxes and increase public spending as economy grows
Free trade and an open…


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