Lympstone, Devon

Place Characteristics

  • Lympstone is a village and Civil Parish in East Devon.
  • Lympstone is located in South West England in Devon on the coast just south of Exeter
  • Lympstone is a coastal area where you would go on holiday
  • Lympstone has a population of 1,754 people.
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Socio-Economic Characteristics

  • Average Household Size: 2.1 (National Average: 2.4)
  • Owner-Occupiers: 47.1% (National Average: 30.6%)
  • Rent from social landlord: 9.3% (National Average: 17.7%)
  • Rent from private landlord: 11.9% (National Average 15.4%)
  • % With bad or very bad health: 5.12% (National Average: 5.5%)
  • % aged 16 and over with no formal qualifications: 21.1% (National Average: 22.5%)
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Social and Political Charcteristics

Social Characteristics

  • 55% of the population are working age, 25% elderly dependents and 20% young dependents.
  • 99% of Lympstone's residents are white.
  • Lympstone's events are generally quite calm and informational talks.

Political Characteristics

  • Highly in favour of conservative
  • Lympstone's political characteristics are quite important to them specifically the conservative as shown by the votes between 1997 and 2015 (all conservative) and the importance of the parish council

Parish Council

  • A local government body and can only do that which law empowers them to do.
  • Discusses community affares and exercises the powers bestowed on them.
  • Follows UK Laws
  • In charge of Candy's Field, the cemetary, the green, the rag, 6 parish notice boards, 40 seats and benches around the parish and the community notice board.
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Physical Characteristics

Physical Characteristics

  • High Density of Housing
  • Roads lead to coast which area is centered around
  • The physical features of Lympstone are quite high in quantity and include a training centre amd the courtlands. These would improve the development of a settlement and the built environment.
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