East Devon Case study

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  • Ageing population - East Devon
    • around 10 million over 65s in the UK- twice as many as 50 years ago
    • Causes of growing grey population
      • Getting married later
      • Birth rates falling
      • Better helth cares, diets, richer
      • Better life expectancy
    • Why East Devon (pull factors)
      • Landscape- cliffs and beaches
      • Areas of outstanding natural beauty
      • World heritage sites
    • East Devon- young people (push factors)
      • House prices to expensive
      • Not many jobs- low payed
      • Culture facilitated for older people
    • Impacts
      • More pentions to pay less taxes to collect- higher dependancy ration
      • Every 100 people working there are 54 people dependant of them - UK
      • Changes in the types of homes needed or adaptions
      • More transport needed- bus services
    • Contrubutions
      • £215 billion from grey pound
      • Different types of shops- geared to old people
      • More money to go on holiday- make up tourist industry
      • Childcare- look afer children
    • Meeting needs
      • Flats to accomodate older people needs
      • High Security- like to feel safe
      • Planning for the future for this type of housing as its increasing
      • Healthcare
        • Adjustment/adaption of homes so elderly can stay at home
        • Shortage in working poopulation- strain on services
        • Shortage in carer- younger people moving away from Devon


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