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Home Entertainment

Examples of Home Entertainment

  • Interactive TV
  • Gaming
  • Digital photography
  • Webcam services
  • Social networking
  • Music and sound
  • Mobile phones
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Digital TV

Interactive TV

Digital TV offers more facilities such as:

  • Pay-to-view services, e.g. films, football matches and other sporting events
  • Interactive services, e.g. shopping, betting, voting and dating

Services available through Interactive Digital TV

  • Sending in comments
  • Viewing extra new stories of sporting activities
  • Booking cinema tickets
  • Playing games
  • Shopping
  • Email
  • Voting on programmes
  • Weather forecasts
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Online Betting


Advantages of online betting

  • Can do it from home
  • Better deals online
  • Quick and easy collection (money sent straight to credit card)
  • Easier and quicker- you don't need to travel

Disadvantages of online betting

  • You need to create an account with a credit card before you can bet
  • It can become addictive
  • May gamble more money because you are not physically handing over the money
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Online Dating


Advantages of online dating

  • Some people are shy and this helps them meet people
  • Some people are busy so they do not have time to go out and meet people
  • You can get to know them before you decide to meet them

Disadvantages of online dating

  • You need to be careful, people can easily lie
  • People could have fake pictures
  • They could be meeting lots of other people
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Online Voting


Advantages of voting online

  • Encourages more people to vote
  • Cheaper because people are not needed to manually count the votes
  • Results can be obtained faster
  • People who are away can vote

Disadvantages of online voting

  • Not everyone has interest in it
  • Would have a high inital cost
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Computer Games


Advantages of computer games

  • Young children can learn from them
  • They can make learning fun
  • Some are played online as a team, it encourages teamwork
  • They can lead to well paid employments as a game designer, programmer etc.

Disadvantages of computer games

  • They can be addictive
  • They are often sedentary activity where little physical activity takes place and this can lead to obesity
  • They can be violent and some people believe this can cause teenagers to act violently
  • They waste time- school work can suffer through time spent playing games
  • Health problems- repeated use of input devices such as a joystick or mouse can lead to RSI, also incorrect posture when sitting can lead to backache
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Digital Photography


Storing digital photographs

  • SD cards secure digital
  • Compact flash (CF) cards
  • Memory sticks

Output devices used in digital photography

  • A computer screen
  • A printer (ink-jet printers are the best type for printing photographs)
  • A TV (some have memory card readers)
  • The screen of a mobile phone
  • A digital photographic frame
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Webcam uses

  • Distance learning
  • Ability to allow parents to check on their children in a nursery
  • Security purposes
  • Checking the weather in another part of the world

Disadvantages of webcams:

  • Sometimes webcam sites show innapropriate content (e.g. ***********, torture etc..)
  • Webcams in combination with chat rooms have been used by paedophiles
  • Terrorists have used webcam services to promote terrorism
  • Signal to webcam isn't always good so camera can freeze
  • People can hack into the websites displaying webcams
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Social Networking


Sites such as FaceBook, Tumblr, MySpace, Bebo, Twitter etc... offer a variety of servcies such as:

  • Email
  • Bulletins
  • Blogs
  • Friends comments
  • Photographs
  • Groups
  • Videos
  • Music
  • Chat
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Social Networking cont.

Disadvantages of social networking sites

  • Many employers and schools ban their use because some people get addicted to them and spend too much time on them
  • Paedophiles have been known to surf networking site pages looking for their next victim
  • Many young people share too much information on these sites and they do not realise that their teachers, potential employers, etc can view the information
  • There is a danger of identity theft
  • You have to be on all the sites your friends use if you want to take advantage of the services they offer
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Music and sound

Downloads are where you transfer files from a website and then store them on your computer and portable music player. You can listen to the radio on the internet.

Disadvantages of downloading

  • Viruses could be introduced
  • Many people use file sharing sites to avoid having to pay for downloaded music tracks
  • People who use download music or films illegaly could be cut off from the internet by their internet service providers
  • You do not have a physical CD that can be sold at a car boot sale or on e-Bay
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Internet Radio


Advantages of internet radio

  • The quality of the sound is good and there is no aerial to adjust
  • You can listen to radio station from around the world
  • You can listen to prgrammes you missed

Disadvantages of internet radio

  • You need a broadband connection
  • The service is not completely reliable
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Mobile Phones


Services obtained through mobile phones

  • Send and recieve text/picture messages
  • Make phone calls
  • Take digital photographs
  • Take/play short video clips
  • Surf the internet/Online Banking
  • Watch live TV
  • Send and recieve email
  • Download and listen to music
  • Download and play games
  • Torch/Calander/Alarms/GPS/Voice Recorder
  • Connect to social networking sites
  • Video conferencing
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Mobile Phones Cont.

Advantages of mobile phones

  • You can be contacted in case of an emergency
  • Plans can be changes at the last minute
  • Parents like children to have a mobile phone because they feel it is safer

Disadvantages of mobile phones

  • Many people use their phone when walking along and this has caused accidents
  • Calls can disturb other people
  • Many people still use hand-held phones when driving which is dangerous and illegal
  • Expensive to buy and monthly contracts are expensive
  • Health concerns
  • Battery needs charging frequently
  • Can not always get signal
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