Topic 2

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Topic 2 - Home Entertainment

  • Interactive TV
  • Gaming
  • Digital photography
  • Webcam services
  • Social networking
  • Music and Sound
  • Mobile phones

Interactive TV - Interactive TV features include:

  • sending in comments
  • viewing extra new stories or sporting activities
  • booking cinema tickets
  • playing games
  • shopping
  • email
  • voting in programmes
  • weather forecasts


  • cost of subscription
  • bad weather disrupting the satellite signals
  • faulty equipment
  • freezing equipment

Pay-to-view Service - Services include:

  • satellite channels and other services
  • cable TV and other services
  • digital terrestial TV and other services (like ordinary TV, but with an encrypted signal)

Online Betting


  • can do it at home (elderly or disabled)
  • better deals online
  • quick and easy collection (money sent straight to credit card)
  • don't need to travel so easier and quicker


  • need a credit card (you need to create an account with a card before you can bet)
  • can become addictive
  • will gamble more because they are not handing over the money and cannot see how much they are playing with

Dating - Many people choose to date this way because it is convienient. By looking at people's pictures and interests you may know more about them rather than just meeting at a bar.


  • Some people are shy so this helps to meet people
  • They are very busy and don't have time to go about and meet people
  • you can get to know them before you decide to meet them


  • Need to be careful, they might be lying
  • They could have a fake picture
  • They may be meeting lots of other people - Untrustworthy

Online Voting - Examples: The X Factor, Britain's Got Talent, The Voice, etc.


  • Encourages more people to vote
  • Cheaper because people are not needed to count the votes
  • Results would be obtained faster
  • People who are away can vote


  • Not everyone has internet
  • Would have high initial cost

Online gaming - Games can be educational. For fast action games it is necessary to use:

  • a fast processor
  • a large screen
  • a large amount of RAM
  • good security systems
  • a disk drive with plenty of storage capacity
  • a high quality graphics card
  • a high quality sound card
  • large powerful speakers
  • specialist input devices such as joysticks, game controllers, steering wheels, etc.


  • Young children can learn from them
  • they can make learning fun
  • some are played online as a team so it encourages teamwork
  • they can lead to well payed employments such as a game designer, programmer etc.


  • they can be addictive
  • they are often sedentary activity where little physical activity takes place and this can lead to obesity
  • they can be violent and some people think this can cause teenagers to act violently
  • they waste time - school work can suffer through the time spent playing games
  • health problems - repeated use of input devices such as a joystick  mouse can lead to repetitive strain injury (RSI), also


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