Topic 24 - Staying Safe Online

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Private Information

The Dangers of Disclosing Personal Information

  • People could be anyone on the internet
  • Not everyone is genuine
  • Some are dangerous and seek to do you harm
  • They could be stalkers or pedophiles
  • You need to be wary of anyone who contacts you


  • Do not give out personal details
  • Do not give out other details by which you could be identified
  • Do not post personal details on social networking sites
  • Do not post images of yourself as these could be misused
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Dangers to Children

Issues affecting children

There are a number of threats children can be exposed to when using the internet. These include:

  • Pedophiles
  • Unsuitable chat rooms
  • Pornographic websites and pop-ups
  • Addiction to social networking
  • Gambling addictions
  • Cyber bullying
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Methods of Prevention by Parents


  • Against pedophiles- could use net nanny software, a good firewall, safety search (parent filter) on search engines, keep the computer in a common room in the house, don't allow use of webcams when in chat rooms, set social networking site to private
  • Against pop-ups- use of pop-up blocking software, firewalls etc.
  • Against cyber bullying- monitor text and emails, report any bullying to a social networking site admin, block msn or social networking sites full stop, do not give out personal details
  • Against addiction- parental restrictions on internet usage, keep the computer in a common room
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