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When we two parted

Cyclical structure
4 stanzas
Regular rhyme

Direct to lady Francis

Parted - easy
We two -joint decision = contrast with the poem
We two also shows it isn’t first affair

Lord Byron was a member of the romantic movement. Notorious womaniser. Said to be from affair with lady Francis Webster and she left him for another man

‘In silence and tears’
Half broken hearted
Thy vows are all broken
They knew not I knew thee
Long, long shall I rue thee
In secret we met
In silence I grieve
Knell in mine ear
Thy spirit deceives

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Neutral tones

Cyclical about the pond
4 stanzas 4 lines
Last line of stanza is indented
ABBA rhyme

Plain like relationship
No strong feelings

Grew up in country so natural imagery, autobiographical poetry, estranged from first wife and felt more love after

‘We stood by a pond’ to ‘pond edged with greyish leaves’
Sun was white
Chidden of god
Starving sod
Eyes that rove
Tedious riddles
Deadest thing
Grin of bitterness
Love deceives
God-curst sun

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Before you were mine

4 stanzas
5 lines = distance between them or lives
2 before her and 2 with
No rhyme = her guilt
Rhetorical questions

Mother role is consuming
Direct address

Home town of Glasgow (real place) she called it a “love letter to her mother” autobiographical for mother. Past and present time frame.

‘I’m ten years away’
I’m not here yet
Thought of me doesn’t occur
Movie tomorrow
You reckon it’s worth it
Loud possessive yell
Your ghost clatters
Clear as scent = synaesthesia
Stamping stars from the wrong pavement

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Winter swans

3 lines -distance except last which is a couplet shows reunion
7 stanzas
Irregular tercets shows memory
Slightly cyclical start and end near lake but difference

Cold= end
Mate for life
Elegant, love, migrate, but can be aggressive

*contempoary poem, welsh poet. From collection of skirrid hill meaning shattered mountain. Use of natural imagery and modern view on relationships

‘Water logger earth’
Skirted the lake
Silent and apart
Gasping for air at our feet
Two days of rain
Tipping in unison
Stilling water
Pair of wings
Rolling weights down their backs to their heads
Halves themselves in the dark
Like boats righting in rough weather
They mate for life
Swim the distance between us
In the lakes shingle

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Climbing my grandfather

1 stanza
Extended metaphor
Cliff side profile
No rhyme and free verse so memory

Possessive noun
More experienced

Environmentalists who committed suicide

‘Without a rope or net’
Easy scramble - oxymoron
Trying to get a grip
Earth stained hand
Slow pulse of his good heart
Warm ice
Glassy ridge of a scar
Climbing has its dangers
Pupil slowly open and close

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Sommet 29- i think of them!

Petrarchan sonnet- ABBA rhyme followed by cdcd
-octave at start shows problem
-Volta shows turning point
-sestet shows resolution
1 stanza
Iambic pentameter

Collection of similar ideas
Took over thoughts
an ominous

Father refused her to marry and removed her from will for marrying Robert browning, at first said it wasn’t hers as women weren’t sexual

‘I think of thee’ - ‘I don’t think of thee’
Twine and bud
Wild vines
O my palm tree
I will not have my thoughts instead
Who art dearer better
‘Thy’ and ‘thee’
Trunk all bare

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Farmers bride

Lament- six rhyming verses
Stanzas finish with rhyming couplets except last one
Complex rhyme scheme= pace and relationship

Farmer seems know
Hold women prisoner until 1891

Mental health with family, committed suicide. Never married or had children. Wrote from male persona

‘Three summers’
Too young maybe
Her smile went out
Like a little frightened fray
Runner away
Wide brown stare
We chased her
Like a hare
Like a mouse
Turned the ke upon her fast
‘Work about the house’ and ‘as most’
Young larch tree
First wild violets
Low grey sky
Black earth
Some others in the house than we
Poor maid
Her eyes, her hair, her hair

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Start with a clear argument
Keep linking to question and your argument
Include poem context
Show a change or development in poem
Short conclusion to sum up methods

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