Key Poems ( Heaney , Clarke and Pre 1914 )

A Summary of Storm on the Island.

Storm on the island







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Storm on the Island

What it is about :

The poet describes of being in a cliff - top cottage on a island off the coast of Ireland during a storm.

Heaney describes the bare ground , the sea and the wind.


The poem consists 19 lines of blank verse.

The lines do not rhyme

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Storm on the Island


The title is blunt and explicit

The poem is written in the present tense - creates a sense of drama and also reinforces the idea that storms happen all the time.

The poem begins in a confident tone.

Heaney speaks in a friendly tone to draw us in. He uses common conversational tags.

Enjambent is used.

Imagery is also used - e.g. "exploding comfortably" - heaney expects us to imagine the sea.

Metaphors are used in the poem. The wind is seen as a metaphor

Alliteration is used in the poem to create different effects.

The poem mainly consists of short phrases.

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Feelings and Attitudes

Heaney seems affectionate towards the island at first.

Heaney recognises that he is powerless in the storm

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