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Hawk Roosting
By Ted Hughes…read more

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· The hawk in the poem could represent an arrogant and self-obsessed
· The hawk could also represent a sniper used in war as a killing
machine (extended metaphor)
· Finally it could also just represent a hawk…read more

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· The stanza lengths are regular and uniform
· The pairs of stanzas (1&2, 3&4, 5&6) develop the presentation of the
speaker…read more

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Form Explanation:
· The uniform stanza length reflect the speaker's tight control on the
surroundings. It is concise and calm which shows the speaker's
dominance and strength
· The pairs of stanzas show the development of the presentation of the
speaker. The first 2 show a physical superiority, 3&4 discuss how the
speaker sees themselves within nature and 5&6 form an
explanation and justification of its actions…read more

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· `I'
· `No falsifying dream'
· `No sophistry'
· Use of first person
· Repetition of negatives
· Simple and direct language…read more

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