The Use of Propoganda (the real one!)

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What did Propoganda help form?

Volksgemeinschaft -the ideal of a national community based on racial identity. All those of Aryan background would belong; all non-Aryans would not.

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What was Goebells head of and when was it created?

The Reich Ministry of Popular Enlightenment was formed in March 1933.
Goebells quickly seized all forms of communication; by the end of 1933 the Nazis had full control of the media.

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Who was chairman of the Nazi publishing house (Ehe

Max Amann. He played a crucial role in controlling what was published.

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What was the name of the Law that called for 'raci

The Editors' Law of October 1933. Jewish, communist and socialist journalists were all fired. The significance of this law was that in reality it ended the posibility of independent journalism.

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What was the political transformation of Germany b

Much of the Nazis' political opposition had been destroyed and their ideology became dominant. The Weimar constitution had been quickly dismantled so no one doubted Hitler's power.

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What did 88% of voters vote for in November 1933?

The Reichstag plebiscite: voters were offered the chance of one party to vote for.

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Why was the power of the dictatorship not complete

The churches remained independent although compromised. Hitler still needed to court its leaders even though they were generally supportive. The army also remained outside Gleichschaltung; they were loyal to President Hindenburg, not Adolf Hitler. They felt threatened by the growing military ambitions of the SA.

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