The Risk of Natural Hazards

All you need to know about the risk of natural hazards!

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The Risk Equation

Risk = (frequency/magnitude of hazard) x (level of vulnerability)


                               capacity of the population to cope 

Frequency of hazard means how often the hazard occurs.

Magnitude of hazard means the strength of the hazard.

Level of vulnerability means how at risk the people are.

Capacity of population to cope means how many people are there who are able to deal with the hazard (resources).

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Why is the risk equation suggesting that global ha

  • Frequency/magnitude of hazard is increasing - fossil fuel use is warming the earth which leads to more frequent and severe hazards.
  • Vulnerability is increasing - unsustainable development involves poor land use and environmental degradation (building on flood plains, unstable coasts, bleaching of coral reefs).
  • Capacity to cope is decreasing - debt repayments, unfair trade.
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