AS Geography Unit1

A-Level Geography revision cards for the unit1 exam.

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Global Challenges - World at Risk

Global Hazards - Part 1

Hazard: potentially damaging physical event, phenomenon or physical activity causing loss of life, injury, damage to property, social & economic disruption or environmental degradation (negative impact on environment)

Hydrometeorological: caused by hydrological & atmospheric processes E.G. flood, hurricane. Event comes in single, periodical or sequential and combined in origin & effects.

Geophysical: caused by natural process taking place in lithosphere (crust) & processes operating on or below surface E.G. earthquake, volcano, avalanche. Combined in origin & effects.

Disaster: impacts of a hazard so great it exceeds the capacity to cope.

Chronic Hazard: long term and persistant, followed by definition of a hazard.

Context hazard: one with potentially global impacts. Could lead to other types of hazard E.G. El Nino.

Risk Equation: Hazard x Vulnerability / Capacity to Cope

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