Key Words - World at risk

Here are some key words from the world at risk section of the Edexcel AS Geography course.

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A perceived natural event which has the potential to threaten both life and property

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A hazard on a large scale that causes deaths and damage to goods, property and investment.

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Geophysical Hazard

A hazard formed by tectonic/geological processes

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Hydrometeorological Hazard

A hazard formed by hydrological and atmospheric processes

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Biophysical hazard

Natural disasters such as diseases of humans, plants and animals, biomass fires and plant/animal infestations

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The probability of a hazard event occuring and creating loss of lives and livelyhood.

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Chronic Hazards

Long term and persistant hazard

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Context Hazard

Hazards that have potentially global impacts and could also lead to more of some types of hazard (Global warming)

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Very simple but it is great for quick refreshing info.

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