Disasters for Vulnerable People

What are the different categories of hazards?

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Context Hazard

A global threat due to environmental factors such as climate change.

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A perceived natural event which has the potential to threaten both life and property.

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A high risk combined with an inability of individuals and communities to cope.

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Techno Hazards

e.g. accidents and system failures - factory explosions, loose cables, nuclear hazards, environmental hazards.

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Na-tech or Quasi Hazards

e.g. a natural hazard that has been initiated by humans - environmental hazards (flood, landslide, dust storm), arson.

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Geophysical (geophys) Hazards

A hazard formed by techtonic/geological processes - earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis.

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Hydrometeorological (hydromet) Hazards

A hazard formed by hydrological (floods) and atmospheric (storms, droughts) processes.

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Chronic Hazards

e.g. climate change, global warming, pollution, environmental degradation.

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Super Hazards

e.g. nuclear disasters, catastrophic earth changes - super volcanoes, tsunamis, asteroid strikes.

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Natural Disasters

e.g. caused by geophysical and hydrometeorological processes - hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, storms, landslides, droughts, earthquakes, tornadoes, blizzards, avalanches.

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