The Legal profession

what we have learned it law so far

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Name the 4 Inns of court.

Lincoln's Inn
Inner temple
Middle tempel
Gry's Inn

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What Skill based courses must a barrister pass to be fully qualified?

Bar Vocational Course

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What is a pupillage?
The final stage of training to be a barrister, in which the pupils gain practical training under the supervision of an experianced barrister

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Explain types of work a barrister may do.

Barristers specialise in courtroom advocacy, drafting legal pleedings andgiving legal opinions. a barrister is one of two cases of a lawyer.

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What is meant by 'direct access' and which types of cases is it NOT allowed for?

In family or criminal cases direct accecc isnt allowed in which you have to contact your barrister.

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What is a QC?

A QC is a Queens Council which means he can represent the crown as a prosicutor if asked to do so though he can also defend persons privately as a defence barrister.

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Which body represents barristers?

The bar council represents barristers in england and wales.

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Which case decided that barristers could be sued for their negligence in their work?

Hall Vs Simon and Saif Ali Vs Sydney Mitchell

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Which Body deals with complaints of poor service made against barristers?

The Ombudsman

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