Clementi Report

changes about how lawyers are regulated


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The Clementi Report
Clementi will bring about major changes to the way lawyers are
The three Key areas are
A Legal An Office Multi-
Service of Legal Disciplinary
Board Complaints Practices
A Legal Service Board
This would oversee the way the legal profession regulates lawyers.
The board will be independent with a non-lawyer chairman and chief
Office of Legal Complaints
This will be a new gateway for consumer complaints about all
lawyers, i.e. a single independent complaints body for all consumer
complaints. Clementi made the point that at the moment consumers
have a disadvantage in bringing complaints against lawyers and there
is an inconsistency in approach between the different legal

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Multi Disciplinary Practices
Barristers and accountants can already form partnerships. This
reform suggested by Clementi would allow solicitors to also form
partnership with other professions to provide legal services. Legal
Description Practices will bring together lawyers from different
bodies to provide legal services (e.g. AA, RAC) and will include non
­lawyers. Such partnerships may then lead to Multi Disciplinary
Practices.…read more


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