Legal Professionals

The work of Solicitors and Barristors according to 'Law' - Ian Yule & Peter Darwent

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  • Legal Professionals
    • Solicitors
      • The work of Solicitors
        • Give legal advice
        • Non-contentious
          • Conveyancing, Probate and Contract
            • Moving house, Will writing & Divorce
        • Litigation
          • Advocacy in lower courts
            • County and Magistrates
            • Advocacy in higher courts
              • Courts and Legal Services Act 1990 / Access to Justice Act 1999
                • 'Rights of audience'
      • The Law Society
    • Barristers
      • 'Referral profession'
        • Clients referred to Barristers via Solicitors
      • Courtroom advocates
        • Rights of audience in higher courts
      • The Bar Council
      • Have to belong to one of four Inns of Court
        • Gray's Inn, Lincoln's Inn, Inner Inn or Middle Inn
          • Provide usable resources for all Barristers
      • Need to have competent execution of specific skills
        • Litigation, Advocacy, Legal research and Case preparation
      • Work in chambers


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