Barristers - Organisation

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  • Barristers - Organisation
    • 10% of the Bar are queen's counsels
    • approx 12,000 practicing
    • majority self employed
    • work in chambers
      • share services
      • e.g. Matrix
      • Clerk caries out all the administrative work
    • all barristers must be a member of one of the four Inns
      • Lincoln's Inn
      • Inner Temple
      • Middle Temple
      • Gray's  Inn
    • Direct Access
      • Civil Cases
      • not family, Immigration or criminal law
    • Alternative Business Structures
      • can be owned by non-lawyers e.g. Tesco
      • licence provider of legal services
    • Legal Disciplinary Practices
      • Barristers and Solicitors and other professions can work together in partnerships


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