The German Revolution

Kaiser -

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Equivelent to Prime Minister

Responsible for the Kaiser.

Also in charge of apooint/dismissing state secretaries

Minister - President of Prussia

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Provisional Government

2nd Reich

Formed as a revolutionary committee - Short Term

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The Freikorps

German volunteer military or paramilitary units

Key to rise of Nazis

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A Soviet

Socialists - Workers

Former Federal Republic - Councils

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Holding to traditional attitudes and cautious about change or innovation

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Make changes in order to improve it

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A forcible over throw of government or social order for a new system

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A system or government by one person with absolute power

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What were the main socioeconomic problems faced by

Deadline in real wages (inflation increased)

Growing number of strikes

Shortages of vital goods (e.g. coal and grain)

Human upset of war - 2.4 million soldiers died and many disabled

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Give three reasons why General Ludendorff supporte

Wanted Germany to be parliamentary

Scared going too much to the left - communist state

Hoped to disguise the responsibility of the Generals for Germany's defeat by passing the buck on to the new civilian government.

This was the "Stab in the Back Myth" which was to exert great influence in the history of the new democratic Weimar Republic

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Naval Mutiny

Mutiny by sailors spread quickly

2nd November gained control of other ports such as; Kiel and Hamburg - disillutioned

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The appointment of Max von Baden as Chancellor

The appointment of Max von Baden as Chancellor of coalition of government

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Abdication of the Kaiser

9th November Kaiser Wilhelm II agreed to abdicate and he went to exile in Holland - Under pressure of Generals

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11th November representatives of Germany and Allies signed Armistice to end the fighting, but the peace terms were not agreed until signing the Treaty of Versailles 1919

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