Threats from Extreme Left and Extreme Right

Description of key events from left and right wing threats from 1919-1923, what the events where, who, where and who stopped them.

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Threats Threats
from from
extreme extreme
left right
Who The DNVP
were commu Racist
they? nists Nation
(KPD) alism
presse Freiko
d for rps
worker Consul
s Organi
revolut sation
ion Major
SPD aims-
were Anti-d
commit emocra
ted to cy,
parlia anti
mentar Marxis
y m,
democr nationa
acy. lism

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What January March March March Summer The Kapp Putsch
was the 1919- 1919- 1920- 1921- 1923- A protest with the intentions of
event? Spartacist Creation of Formation of `March `German overthrowing the Weimar
uprising to soviet Ruhr army to operation' October' A government and was also against
seize power republic oppose Kapp Uprising of wave of the Treaty of Versailles.
Putsch strikes strikes and Wanted a German revolution
organised by the creation
KPD of an
government.…read more


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